Our Official Sculpfun has launched the Member Points section recently. In order to help all of our customers better understand the rules of the member center and get the member benefits, here are the registration process guidance and usage methods of the SCULPFUN Member center on this page!


Registration Process

If this is your first time on our Official Website, there will be a pop-up window reminding you about member registration info.

As shown in the figure below:


Click the “Sign up” button to register, and then fill the required info to complete the registration process. There will be 100 points credited to your account after creating an account successfully.

As shown in the figure below:

If not, there are two entrance to finish the registration.


  • The First One: 

         1. Click the “Member Points” at the top of website home page.

         2. Click the “Join Now” to fill the required info. 


  •  The Second One: 

           Find the “Rewards” at the lower right corner, Click the “Join Now” to fill the required info.


Ways to Earn Points

Four ways to earn point rewards

        1. Create an account to get 100 points

            The points will be credited to your account once your account registered successfully

        2. Get the equal points by shopping, Spend $1 Get 1 Point

            After placing an order successfully, the equal points will be credited to your account

        3. Get 50 points by signing in to Facebook

            Once you log in to the Facebook, you will get 50 points immediately

        4. Get 200 points on your birthday

            The point rewards will be credited to your account on your birthday

As shown in the figure below:


Notice: There Are Some Rules of Birthday Point Rewards

1)  Enter your birthday date and save it under the “Ways to earn” page to get point rewards, and they will be credited to your account on your birthday.

2)  If you have already celebrated your birthday this year, you will be rewarded on your next birthday once your added this information.

3)  If you enter the wrong date, you can click “Edit Date” again to enter the correct one.

4)  If your birthday is in the next 30 days from the day you edit the information, you will not be awarded this year, and the reward will be credited to your account the following year that day your birthday.

     For example, if today is July 20, your birthday is August 15, and you add the birthday information this day, you will not get the point rewards for this birthday on August 15.

     However, if your birthday is August 21, and you add your birthday details on July 20, you will be rewarded on your birthday this year.

     Therefore, do not forget to add your birthday information in advance!!


How to Check The Point Rewards History?

The “Rewards” button at the lower right corner of the website is the points entrance. You can check the points details including points acquisition and points redemption history in “Your activity” page.


Points Usage Methods

Two ways to use the points you have owned

1. Deduct the Payment

The point rewards you have earned can be used to deduct the payment at checkout. Redeem the points and copy the points discount code to use in the checkout process.

100 points equal $2. And you can choose the number of points to redeem by pulling the blue progress bar.

As shown in the picture below, I chose to redeem 100 points for $2.

After finishing the redemption, you can copy the discount code to use at checkout.

Once copied, the discount code will be automatically applied at checkout.

By the way, if you have exchanged some points for a discount but did not use the discount code at that moment, a pop-up window will appear at the lower right corner to remind you of the available discount the next time you add products to cart and enter the SHOPPING CART page.

This pop-up window is shown at the lower right corner.

Click the "View reward" button and copy the discount code to have it automatically applied at checkout

If there is a better discount than that one, just click the symbol “X” to cancel it.


Only one discount code can be applied at a time! And it can not be used together with other discounts. Please choose the optimal one!

Any questions, please feel free to contact us!


2. Exchange the Selected Accessories

Four types of accessories are available for points redemption below.

1. Four Lens Kit:

    1) S9/S6 Pro Lens Set

    2) S10 Lens Set

    3) S30/S30 Pro /Ultra-11W Lens Set

    4) S30 Pro Max/Ultra-22W/Ultra-33W

2. Two Laser Materials

    1) Stainless Steel Hip Flask

    2) Basswood Plywood

3. Old Version Honeycomb Panel (400x400mm)

4. 30L/Min Air Pump


These available accessories can not be exchanged automatically for now, but we can redeem them for you manually. So note that if your point rewards are enough to redeem one of the accessories above you want, please contact our costumer service to redeem the products for you via email: support@sculpfun.com 

Normally, all of these redemption items are free on shipping! But the remote areas is required some shipping fees about $10-$30. Please understand!

Some Info Needed When Emailing:

  • The number of points you have
  • The accessory you want

Please feel confidence that our customer service will help you through the entire process! Then the order number will be sent to you for tracking!


Other Benefits

Except for the point rewards, you can also get the referral reward. By sharing your exclusive link to your friends to get additional coupon. They will get $5 off coupon through your link, and you will also get $5 off coupon when your friends make a purchase successfully.

As shown in the picture below:

When your friend opens the link you shared, there will pop up a page like the following figure. Enter the email address to receive the exclusive coupon. 


Point Rewards Exchange Rules

Except for Official Sculpfun Website, you can also earn the point rewards after making a purchase of Sculpfun products on other shopping platforms such as Amazon.

The points will not be credited to your account directly as you purchased products on other shopping platform. At this time, you need to contact our after-sale customer service to add the points to your account equal to your payment.

Email: support@sculpfun.com

Service Hours: Mon to Fri, 9:00-18:30 PDT

A Tip:

Please email us with your purchase record screenshot including product info, order number and the mount of money. We will verify it and add points to your account.

And you need to register an account and the email must be attached when sending us purchase information.

Note that the Point Rewards can only be used on Official SCULPFUN Website!