Our story

Founder Mr. Tang, an artist brimming with passion for art, dreamed of creating a machine that could transform human creativity into reality, liberating artistic creation from the constraints of traditional tools. Thus, the SCULPFUN brand was conceived.

The SCULPFUN team is composed of a group of engineers who are passionate about laser technology. They are committed to researching how to utilize the precision and energy of lasers to achieve unprecedented levels of engraving accuracy and speed. After countless trials and refinements, the SCULPFUN laser engraver has emerged with outstanding performance and stability.

What SCULPFUN produces is not just a laser device; it is more like a partner in artistic creation. Whether it be wood engraving, metal engraving, or glass engraving, SCULPFUN can capture the creator's most subtle inspiration with its precise laser beam. Through SCULPFUN, artists transform their ideas and emotions into piece after piece of astonishing works.

Laser awakening

SCULPFUN was the first to bring diode blue laser engraving machines to the desktop market, sparking technological advancements and cost reductions. Desktop diode blue light engraving machines are becoming a powerful tool for individuals and small businesses to achieve personalized product manufacturing and artistic creation. The proliferation of this equipment has also promoted the development of personalized customization and small-batch production, providing more opportunities for small businesses and individual artists.

 In the near future, SCULPFUN will also delve into the Fiber and CO2 laser fields, unlocking more application scenarios and continuously committing to the development of new technologies and features to meet the ever-changing market demands. We pledge to continue investing in research and development to ensure that SCULPFUN laser engravers always maintain a leading position in the industry.


Fusion of art

The integration of laser engraving machines with art is a field brimming with innovation and possibilities. This technology not only provides artists with new creative tools but also makes the production of artworks more diverse and refined. As an advanced manufacturing technology, laser engraving machines have become one of the materials and tools for artists to create with. It has inspired artists' creativity and expanded the realm of emotional expression.

For example, the traditional Chinese paper-cutting art has been combined with laser engraving technology. Laser engraving not only improves the production efficiency of paper-cutting but also makes the art more delicate and diverse. SCULPFUN's laser engraving technology allows artists to realize their creativity on various materials, including metals, woods, glass, leather, and more, creating works that are personalized and artistic.


Technological breakthrough

SCULPFUN believes that the future is limitless. With the continuous advancement of technology, laser engraving will have even more possibilities. SCULPFUN will continue to lead the industry, exploring new applications of laser technology in fields such as art, design, and manufacturing. Our goal is to enable everyone to realize their artistic dreams through SCULPFUN's products.


Infinite possibilities

SCULPFUN believes that the future is limitless. With the continuous progress of technology, laser engraving will have more possibilities. SCULPFUN will continue to lead the industry in exploring new applications of laser technology in art, design, manufacturing and more. Our goal is to make it possible for everyone to realize their artist dreams through SCULPFUN products.

Brand Philosophy

SCULPFUN's brand philosophy is "The Harmony of Art and Technology." It is not just a slogan but a belief held by every member of the SCULPFUN team. They believe that through the power of technology, artistic creation can be more free and the expression of creativity can be richer.

Brand Vision

SCULPFUN is committed to becoming a global leader in laser engraving solutions, creating more beautiful things for the world through continuous technological innovation and artistic integration.

Brand Mission

Innovation Driven: Constantly exploring the boundaries of laser technology to bring users a more efficient and precise engraving experience.

Art Integration: Perfectly combining technology and art to inspire creators' boundless imagination and creativity.

Environmental Philosophy: Promoting eco-friendly laser equipment to reduce environmental impact and contribute to sustainable development.

User First: Oriented by user needs, providing personalized and customized services

In Conclusion

SCULPFUN is not just a brand; it is a spirit, a pursuit, and an infinite longing for a better future life. Let's carve the future together with laser engraving