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Keeping up with the SCULPFUN


@Laurent Pruvot

I bought the Sculpfun S9 module and since then I have completed all my cuts in fewer passes, which saves time for me and my customers. it’s a great tool!


@Steff Urquia

Due to the pandemic, I discovered SCULPFUN and bought the Sculpfun S9, which has been a game-changer. It's reliable and has opened many business opportunities by enabling me to create highly demanded personalized products. I plan to buy another one to expand my business and appreciate SCULPFUN's attentive customer support and innovative products at excellent prices.


@Daniels Yana

Working from anywhere these days with the Sculpfun iCube! Market days will be even more exciting, making personalised items on the spot! Thank you @sculpfunofficial for this incredible machine!


@Lodovico Barbieri

Having a laser engraver like the SF-A9 allows you to easily personalize wooden objects and create new ones. It's a powerful, easy-to-use tool that offers endless creative possibilities. Materials are easy to find, and you can even reuse common household items at almost no cost.


@Dada Anges

So what have my machines changed for me? A little bit of everything. My lasers go perfectly well with my first upcycling activity. I can thus personalize my upcycling creations, but also create entirely new decorations, I can also allow my customers to bring out their gift ideas in real life. And one important thing, I can also make some personalized items for associations, this allows them to raise the necessary funds for them.

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