Customs Tax Fees

Regarding local customs tax fees:

We have a total of 4 warehouses, located in China, the United States, the European Union, and Mexico. Most of our product inventories are mainly in US warehouses, Mexican warehouses and European warehouses, in which case most customers' orders will be fulfilled domestically, so most customers from the EU, Mexico and Europe do not need to pay customer tariffs.

Note: When the product is out of stock in the US, EU or Mexico warehouse, we will ship it from China. In this case, customers in all these areas need to pay the local customs duties themselves.

This is a collection of products available in our overseas warehouses:

US Warehouse: Click
European warehouse: Click
Mexico Warehouse: Click

Tax issues in other countries:
Except for customers from the United States, European countries, and Mexico, we do not have local overseas warehouses. We must ship from China, and customers need to bear the local customs taxes and fees for delivery. Thank you for your support and understanding.